Medium-sized businesses

Medium-sized businesses French accounting firm WEDIER


We help existing UK companies make their projects to expand to France a reality. Specifically, we help French companies owned by UK companies to manage their accounting obligations and their French taxes.

We are particularly qualified to assist in this field, as we:

  • understand the complexity of issues such as international trade, taxation, VAT and the laws on employment and residency in France;
  • speak English and, together with our partners, are very familiar with UK tax law;

We also believe that we:

  • understand that correct procedures are the key to solid financial control;
  • know that it is important to focus on key performance indicators.


If you are the Financial Director of a British company and are reading this, it probably means you are not satisfied with your current situation. If this is the case, some of the following points may be relevant to you:

From the English GAAP to the French PCG

Reconciling the financial report from an English company with the French plan comptable général (or general accounting plan) system is not always easy. Our experience means we can help you adapt your French accounting plan to ensure it meets your requirements both in France and in the UK.

Quality accounting

In our experience, English Financial Directors require very precise accounting and can sometimes be dissatisfied with their French accounting ledger. We understand this perfectly. If this is true for you, the first thing we will do will be to review your accounting system and help you implement stricter procedures to ensure that the ledgers produced will be of excellent quality.

International expertise

VAT and payroll systems are complex and difficult subjects. Often, even large companies have a hard time understanding the rules. A large number of our clients are international. Even the smallest start-ups with which we deal tend to be international. This means that we handle questions about international trade, taxation, VAT and HR rules on a daily basis. In addition, because we are chartered accountants, we are in a good position to advise you on these questions.

English is your mother tongue

If you have a company in France, you probably have a good command of French. However, given the number and the technical nature of the questions you will have, you will probably want to discuss them in English with your advisers.